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As a seasoned investment banker and entrepreneur, I've had the privilege of managing in excess of $2 billion in private and public assets throughout my career.

I've had the opportunity to advise some of the most influential leaders in the Kyrgyz government, including the President and Minister of Finance, on important policy issues such as privatization, pension system reform, and monetary and fiscal policy.

My contributions as an executive and board member of AsiaUniversalBank from 2002 to 2010 were instrumental in making it the largest commercial bank in Kyrgyzstan by assets. I've helped raise over $30 million in financing in the West and established relationships with major financial institutions like Citigroup, American Express Bank, Credit Suisse, and OPIC. I'm particularly proud of having successfully recruited former US senators Robert Dole and J. Bennett Johnston to join our Board of Directors.

In 201, 2012, and beyond as a part of a cooperation agreement with the U.S. Department of Justice and a government witness for Italy, I assisted the U.S. government, the Italian government, and other enforcement agencies (including in an undercover capacity), to bring down and prosecute several criminal conspiracies. In 2019, I was instrumental in helping the US government return embezzled funds to the Kyrgyz Republic.

In 2014, I was sentenced as a part of a plea agreement, and served a 63-month sentence at Federal Prison Camp Montgomery, returning home in 2019.

The extensively documented story of my legal challenges and re-emergence as a vibrant executive, consultant, and media personality can be found in the Press section as well as in Philip Shishkin's book.

I'm passionate about working with startups and emerging companies. As a consultant, I've helped companies like Farafina SARL, a junior gold mining company, and an innovative fintech startup in the UK with their investor relations and digital content strategies. Additionally, I was able to help secure Round A financing for Vector Vitale, a life sciences company with a groundbreaking therapeutics portfolio.




During my tenure as a Board Member of AsiaUniversalBank from 2008 to 2010, I played a pivotal role in the bank's strategic decision-making process and growth initiatives. Leveraging my extensive experience in the financial sector, I contributed valuable insights and guidance, helping to shape the bank's overall direction and policies. My commitment to excellence and understanding of the banking industry's complexities allowed me to work effectively with other board members and stakeholders to achieve the bank's objectives and maintain its position as a leading financial institution in the region.



As a dedicated Board Member of Manas International Airport JSC, I actively participated in the strategic decision-making process and contributed to the organization's growth and development. My extensive financial and entrepreneurial background allowed me to provide valuable insights and guidance, helping to shape the airport's overall direction and policies. Working collaboratively with fellow board members and stakeholders, I played a key role in ensuring that Manas International Airport JSC remained a prominent and well-managed transportation hub, meeting the needs of passengers and businesses alike.

2023- Current


A member of the board of an exciting start-up focusing on organic food, supplements and nutrition

2023 - Current


Invoice factoring and equipment finance

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