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Drops in 2024

The Shadow Advisor is a story that's as old as time itself, but one you’ve never heard because anyone who could actually tell it is probably lying in a ditch somewhere, or afraid of ending up there. By all rights, I should be crushing rocks in a Kyrgyz penitentiary or pushing up wind flower in some remote Kazakh steppe. Sadly for the emperors of the universe who trusted me with their money and their most intimate secrets, I am still here.

They should have silenced me when they still had a chance.

As an international money laundering expert, I plied my trade in New York boardrooms and Kiev bordellos. I played an integral role in one of the most brazen acts of corporate fraud ever perpetrated in the European Union. I've advised heads of state and managed money for Russian oligarchs. I've served as the "shadow finance minister" of a small Central Asian country. I barely survived a violent coup d’état, escaped as a hostage of Chechen mercenaries, evaded an Interpol Red Notice, matched wits with the FBI's elite Eastern European organized crime unit, and ultimately sank its high-stakes criminal investigation (in an uncharacteristic fit of morals).

I ventured deep into an underverse where power is the only real law, and things are done as they have been for most of human history -- but with a sophisticated, high-tech twist. I will take the reader on a guided tour of a world that the IMF would love to disown, a dark and dangerous world inhabited by characters from a pulp crime novel, but also by Citibank Vice Presidents, four-star Generals, and even Presidential candidates.

The Shadow Advisor is a tell-all about a frantic journey that perhaps was always destined to spin out of control. It is an entertaining true-crime story, flavored with more than a drop of detached irony and moral ambiguity.

many of my powerful enemies. Most of them hope that my book never sees the light of day. I look forward to proving them all wrong.

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